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Status: Deceased
Gender: Male

Location Born: Melbourn, Cambridge, England.
Location Died: Brunswick, (Melbourne) Vic, Australia.

Born: 1844
Date Married: 1868
Age Died: 86
Died: 29/01/1930

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Ellis Harper - (Harper)
Relations: Expand
Parent - Lydia Harper
Parent - Benjamin Harper
Sibling - Thomas Harper
Sibling - James Harper
Sibling - Joseph Harper
Sibling - Lydia Harper
Sibling - David Harper

Spouse - Ann Harper

Ellis Harper (b-1844)

5th child of Lydia (née Negus) and Benjamin Harper

Ellis was 10 years old when his family left Cambridgeshire, England on the 27th October 1854 on the
sailing ship Shand, arriving on 20th January 1855 at Portland, Victoria, with his Parents.
Ellis lived with his parents some where near Warrnambool, Victoria. His father Benjamin,
was listed as an agricultural labourer when they arrived in Australia.

In 1868 Ellis Harper married Ann Negus.
It is thought Ann & Ellis Harper lived in Brunswick, (Melbourne) Victoria, even though
3 of their children were born in Warrnambool, where his mother Lydia Harper (née Negus) lived.

Ellis Harper and his family were on the same sailing ship when Ann Negus immigrated to Australia.
His mothers birth surname was Negus.

Children of Ann (nee Negus) & Ellis Harper

1. Annie Eleanor Harper b: 1869 in Warrnambool Victoria Australia
2. Ernest Edmond Harper b: 1870 in Brunswick Melbourne Victoria Australia
3. Elizabeth Banks Harper b: 1871 in Warrnambool Victoria Australia
4. Florence Mary Harper b: 1873 in Warrnambool Victoria Australia
5. Lillian Ethel Harper b: 1875 in Brunswick Melbourne Victoria Australia
6. Louisa May Harper b: 1877 in Brunswick Melbourne Victoria Australia
7. Chrissie Victoria Harper b: 1879 in Brunswick Melbourne Victoria Australia
8. William James Harper b: 1881 in Brunswick Melbourne Victoria Australia
9. Herbert George Harper b: 1884 in Brunswick Melbourne Victoria Australia
10. Frederic Thomas Harper b: 1886 in Brunswick Melbourne Victoria Australia

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Lydia Harper (née Negus) and Ellis Negus, Connection

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