Negus Family Tree

Status: Deceased
Gender: Male

Location Born: Cambridgeshire in England.
Location Died: Wangoom, Victoria in Australia.

Born: 12/06/1807
Date Married: 23/11/1830
Age Died: 55
Died: 01/10/1862

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Benjamin Harper - (Harper)
Relations: Expand

Spouse - Lydia Harper
Child - Ellis Harper
Child - Thomas Harper
Child - James Harper
Child - Joseph Harper
Child - Lydia Harper
Child - David Harper

Benjamin Harper (B-1807)

Benjamin is buried at Warrnambool Cemetery.
Benjamin died at Wangoom, Victoria near Warrnambool

Married: 23 Nov 1830, Melbourn Cambridge England
to Lydia Negus and had 6 children.

On the 27th October 1854 the sailing ship Shand left Plymouth, England and they immigrated
to Australia arriving on the 20th January 1855 at Portland, Victoria after 85 days at sea.

Benjamin, was listed as an agricultural labourer when he immigrated to Australia..
Most likely Benjamin worked near Port Fairy before living
near the location of Warrnambool.

Landing details

The UK, 30th March 1851 Census, said there was a Jane Harper, 1 month old in the same folio group
in the Harper residence, but there in no evidence of Jane moving to Australia in 1855.
Jane Harper

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