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Status: Deceased
Gender: Female

Location Born: Thebarton, (Adelaide) South Australia.
Location Died: Mile End, (Adelaide) South Australia.

Born: 1856
Date Married: 26/04/1883
Age Died: 87
Died: 23/09/1943

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Rosina Mitchell - (Née Hankins)

Rosina Mitchell (Birth surname Hankins) b-1856

Rosiana is buried at the Moonta Cemetery. Date of Burial: 23.09.1943

Rosina Hankins of Thebarton SA, married Richard Mitchell on the
26th April, 1883 at the Weslian Church in North Adelaide, South Australia.
It is thought they lived in Thebarton when they first married as some of their children were born there until 1888.
The other possibility is, Rosina travelled back from Moonta to Thebarton for child birth at her parents home.

Moonta, South Australia
Sometime after they married, Rosina & Richard moved to Yelta, Moonta, SA.
In the 1880s Moonta was a large copper mining town with large surrounding suburbs.
After the primary copper mining operations ceased in 1923, the town shrunk and much of the
original outer suburbs were bulldozed, including Yelta.

Ellis (Gus) Negus said her husband Richard was a copper miner.
He managed a steam engine which I think took men down the mine shafts or pumped water to use for cementation.
I think it was Ryans shaft he worked at. They lived at Yelta a sort of suburb of Moonta.

Ellis (Gus) Negus said when Richard died in 1931 my Grandma Rosina came and lived with us in Torrensville
and later on at Mile-End in South Australia.
Ellis remembers she died in 1943 during the World War-II years. As I was going home from school I noticed the front gates
of our family home were opened that were normally shut. When I walked in I was told the news.
She was the only grandparent I knew and was a lovely lady.

Rosina and Richard Mitchell had 5 children, some were born in Thebarton and some in Yelta, South Australia.

Child-1 Hilda - Birth -1884, Thebarton South Australia. Died – 1888, 4yrs of age, Yelta, Moonta, South Australia.
Child-2 Clarence - Birth - 1885, Thebarton, South Australia.
Child-3 Walter - Birth - 1887, Thebarton South Australia. Died - 1887, died 14 days later, Thebarton South Australia.
Child-4 Lily - Birth - 1893, Yelta, (Moonta) South Australia. Died – 1979, Adelaide, South Australia.
Child-5 Charles - Birth - 1897, Yelta, Moonta, South Australia.

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