Negus Family Tree

Status: Deceased
Gender: Female

Location Born: Clavering, Essex, England.
Location Died: Brunswick, (Melbourne) Vic, Australia.

Born: 1818
Date Married: 28/11/1843
Age Died: 87
Died: 20/10/1905

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Elizabeth Negus - (Née Banks)
Relations: Expand

Spouse - Ellis Negus - (1816)
Child - Ellis Negus - (1846)
Child - Ann Harper
Child - Edmund Negus

Elizabeth Negus, (Birth surname Banks) (1818)

Elizabeth Negus was buried Oct 1905, together with her husband at the Melbourne General Cemetery in Victoria, Australia.

Elizabeth Banks married Ellis Negus-(born 1816) on 28th November 1843 at Melbourn, Cambridgeshire in England
and had 3 children while living there.

Coincidentally - Elizabeth Banks came from the same village where the father of Ellis Negus was born, Thomas Negus.

On the 27th October 1854 the sailing ship Shand left Plymouth, England and the Negus family migrated to Australia arriving on the
20th January 1855 at Portland, Victoria after 85 days at sea.

The Negus family then travelled from Portland, Victoria to Brunswick, (Melbourne) Victoria,
arriving on the 31 January 1855, their new home.

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