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Status: Deceased
Gender: Male

Location Born: Melbourn, Cambridgeshire, England.
Location Died: Brunswick, (Melbourne) Vic, Australia.

Born: 1816
Date Married: 28/11/1843
Age Died: 69
Died: 15/10/1885

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Ellis Negus - (Negus) - (1816)
Relations: Expand
Parent - Thomas Negus
Parent - Jane Negus
Sibling - Elizabeth Negus
Sibling - William Negus
Sibling - Sarah Wright
Sibling - James Negus
Sibling - Abraham Negus
Sibling - Emma Negus
Sibling - Jane Negus
Sibling - Thomas Negus
Sibling - Edward Negus

Spouse - Elizabeth Negus
Child - Ann Harper
Child - Ellis Negus - (1846)
Child - Edmund Negus

Ellis Negus (Born 1816)
6th child of Jane & Thomas Negus

Ellis Negus was born in the location of a town called Royston and the
nearby village of Melbourn in Cambridgeshire, England.
Ellis Negus was buried in 1885 at the Melbourne General Cemetery in Victoria, Australia.

Ellis married Elizabeth Banks on 28th November 1843 at Melbourn in Cambridgeshire, England
and had 3 children. It is thought they lived in the nearby village of Meldreth, about 2 Kms away
as their son, also named Ellis was born there in 1846.

Melbourn is a small village about 5Km away from the town of Royston and about 15 km from Clavering where his father was born.

Ellis Negus was first christened on the 19th December 1816 in Royston.
The town of Royston is under the administration of Hertfordshire and to have a record of the baptism for the local parish in the
village of Melbourn just inside the administration border of Cambridgeshire, another baptism for Ellis was done on
Sunday the 23rd Nov 1817 at the church in Melbourn. Both Ellis and his younger sister Emma were baptised on the same day.

Immigrated to Australia
On Friday 27th October 1854, the sailing ship Shand left Plymouth at Devon in England and the Negus family immigrated to Australia
arriving on Saturday the 20th January 1855, at Portland in the Colony of Victoria, Australia, after 85 days at sea.

Ellis and his family then travelled from Portland, Victoria to settle in Brunswick, (Melbourne) Victoria,
arriving on the 31 January 1855.

Ellis Negus worked in agriculture and was listed in a newspaper in 1878 as a gardener from Brunswick.

Ellis Negus arrived in Australia

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