Negus Family Tree

Status: Deceased
Gender: Female

Location Born: Marden, South Australia.
Location Died: South Australia.

Born: 31/07/1857

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Louisa Martha Gilding - (Née Hawkins)

Louisa Martha Gilding - (Birth surname Hawkins)

Louisa Martha Hawkins married Benjamin Gilding and had 3 children
1. Child: Benjamin Edgar Gilding (Known as Edgar) – died 1968.
2. Child: Harold Ellis Gilding died at 15 year.
3. Child: Maria May Gilding died at 10 years.

Gilding & Negus Connection:
Benjamin Gilding, married Louisa Martha Hawkins and Ellis Negus born 1846, married the sister
Anna Maria Hawkins, the 2nd marriage for Ellis.

The next son of Ellis called Ellis Oswald Negus born 1886, knew the eldest son of Benjamin,
named Benjamin Edgar Gilding (known as Edgar), that married Ada (nee Trembath)
on the 25 Oct 1906 and had 5 children.

The child known as Edgar:
Benjamin Edgar Gilding and Ellis Oswald Negus, were related as both their mothers were sisters.

The Gildings were market gardeners in the Payneham District of South Australia.

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